Welcome to Aviation-Photos.com Photography. I'm a professional multi-disciplinary freelance photographer.

While my career has primarily been as an event photographer, this website represents my interest in aviation photography.

I developed an interest in photography soon after digital cameras came onto the market in the late 1990s. My early experiences primarily involved photographing family events (birthdays, outings, celebrations etc…). Those early experiences allowed me to refine my photography craft in preparation of offering services to clients and organizations. Unfortunately, event photography has been decimated due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Because of this, I have had additional time to focus on my favorite photography subject; aviation.

My approach to composition and post processing is straight forward. My preference is to capture images utilizing naturally occurring available light and color, only occasionally utilizing supplemental lighting if needed, such as in a studio environment or low light setting. If warranted, I will remove minor distracting elements within a composition. I do not do sky replacement or make misleading changes to the photograph that would materially alter the scene as it originally existed.

If you have questions, comments or have an idea for an assignment, please contact me. Also, be sure to visit my blog to view additional information.